1993 - A Sense Of Community. The year was 1993. Northeastern had just completed some major renovations. Landscaping now accompanies most of the buildings on campus. The Snell library just opened and renovations at the Cabot center were completed. Dingo Films was approached by Northeastern University to direct and produce a new promotional video which highlighted campus life. Using the "Ken Burns" effect, Dingo Films completed a short video which was distributed to all incomming, on-campus freshman.

Clip 1

2000 - A Day in the Life of NuMega. At the height of the dot com era, Dingo Films was in position to capture the lighter side of life at a high intensity, high tech start up. Video was distributed to all Compuware employees after acquisition.

Dedicated to Graham Berkeley who died 1 year after appearing in the video.

Clip 1
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